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Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be celebrating its 45th anniversary soon.  Disney Parks Blog is featuring an original attraction each week to commemorate the event.

I thought it would be fun to follow suit.  Their posts have been interesting to read, but they’re short on photos, so I will be posting. some of my pictures from these original attractions.

Recently, I featured the Walt Disney World Railroad.  Today, I’m focusing on the Swiss Family Treehouse.  Treehouse sign

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In honor of the release of Captain America: Civil War, have some fun with your kids with this joke, taken from this fun book from Scholastic Book Fairs, written by Daryle Connors.

Avengers Joke Book


What do you get when you cross Captain America with the Hulk?

Image Credit: Comic Book Movie

Image Credit: Comic Book Movie

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My husband and I watched Captain America: Civil War last night and he’s going again today with our son.

In honor of the film’s release, have some fun with your kids with this joke, taken from this fun book from Scholastic Book Fairs, written by Daryle Connors:


Avengers Joke Book

Why does Tony Stark pick his nose in front of his ex-girlfriend?


Image Credit: Den of Geek

Image Credit: Den of Geek

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Imagination Pavilion
It was just announced that Captain EO, starring Michael Jackson, will be leaving Epcot on December 6th.  Captain EO has been running in the Magic Eye Theater inside Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion.  

In it’s place, a new, 4D film experience will be opening: Continue Reading…

Pray for Paris

Disney Momma  —  November 14, 2015

Paris pray for paris

Our hearts and prayers are with the city of Paris and the whole nation of France during this awful time.  

After yesterday’s horrific events, Disneyland Paris is closed today.  


I’m a mom of two young kids, but I also have a teaching degree and a real love of children’s literature. There are Disney storybooks everywhere, but a lot of times they’re just long retellings of the movies and, honestly, they bore me.  So, I love it when my love for Disney and children’s lit come together in different ways that the usual movie plotlines.

While, I admit, none of the writing styles in these books compare to some of my favorite children’s books, if you’re a Disney enthusiast, you will appreciate them. They are great options for gifts for your kids or other Disney lovers. So, here is my list of Disney books, starting from the youngest audience to the oldest.

1. “it’s a small world” Books

I wish that I had more of these books at my house. They are colorful and perfect for young kids.

I have previously reviewed the hardback book that features full-color pages and the cheerful lyrics to the famous song. (Read the review and see additional pictures here.)
Other than that book, most in this series are board books, perfect for little hands.  They often have touch-and-feel or lift-a-flap features.

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Construction has been going on at the Hub in the Magic Kingdom for quite a while now, after Disney World announced its plans for enhancements in February 2014.  
(Not sure what the Hub is?  It is the center circle in front of Cinderella Castle, where Walt and Mickey stand.  Walkways to other parts of the Park leave this central location like spokes on a wagon wheel.)

This is the current design of the Hub: 

Image Credit: Attractions Magazine

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