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Focused on the Magic’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop theme this week is “Disney Side,” How fun!

I don’t think anything shows my Disney Side quite as much as my bedroom.  For Christmas last year, my husband got super creative and dreamed up a Disney-themed room for us.  He got handy with a saw and paintbrush and made an amazing Cinderella castle headboard.  I’d also been wanting a new bedside lamp, so he came up with a way to make the Beast’s Enchanted Rose a reality, and installed a light in its base.  I was so surprised on Christmas morning!  We’re Disney fans, through and through and our Disney Side definitely shows in our bedroom decor.  

Our son has a Winnie the Pooh room, complete with Hidden Mickeys, but that will have to be a post for another day!  

Castle Headboard


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Villain cake pt2

Before I had the fun of making the fondant shapes that you saw in Part 1, I prepared, baked, and iced the cakes.

I wanted to have some bright, villainous colors in this cake.  I used this Halloween Bundt Cake tutorial from Cooking with Sugar as a guide to color the inside of the cake.  Because I wasn’t using a fluted Bundt pan, I knew my colors wouldn’t swirl and combine as they did in the tutorial.  So, I varied the colors by dropping tablespoonfuls around the inside of my greased and floured pans.

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Villain Cake

My son is a fan of the Disney Villains.  I think it’s because where there are bad guys, there are battle scenes.  While retail stores don’t have much for villains, the Disney Parks do.  We went to Disney World a couple of weeks before his fourth birthday. At Disney World, his favorite bad guy (Gaston) has his own restaurant, meet-and-greet area, and even a fountain in his handsome likeness.  Shows and nighttime attractions feature villains of all kinds.  Both Wishes and Fantasmic have whole sequences full of villains.  Hollywood Studios has a Villain-themed store:  Villains in Vogue.  And, at Magic Kingdom, you can help Merlin fight these scoundrels by playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom–a dream-come-true for our little guy.

Gaston Fountain Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Hook: Electrical Parade

So, when it was time for his birthday party, we knew a villain-themed party would be just the thing.  Again, there is not much available in stores, and not even a lot of ideas online, so I was pretty much left to my own devices.

When I make birthday cakes, I like to frost the cakes with icing (because I like the flavor better than fondant) and decorate the cakes with fondant shapes (because I’m better at sculpting than piping).  Don’t be intimidated by using fondant.  If you can make shapes with Play Doh, you can do this.

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