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 Now that Christmas is over and the new year has begun, I thought I’d feature my family’s Disney Christmas gifts.  Instead of making one, big, long post, I will post one or two a day, beginning with these little cuties…



Santa scattered these cute little bottles around our family’s Christmas tree.  I think these round bottles are adorable.  They look like Christmas ornaments and they’re great for little hands.  The drink is flavored water (not carbonated).  As you can see in the picture, they contain no artificial colors or flavors, no calories, no high fructose corn syrup, and they’re a good source of vitamins.  (They are sweetened by Stevia.)  

The Berry Frost flavor features Frozen characters, Orange has classic characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy), and the Fruit Punch bottles are princesses.  Those were the flavors that our kids got.  Orange Splash (Planes Fire and Rescue) and Grape (Avengersare also available.  

I guess ours came from the North Pole, but I’ve seen assorted boxes at Sam’s Club, with 16 bottles for about $8, so they average out to about 50 cents apiece…a little pricey for a little bottle of water, but they would make for a fun, healthy treat for the kids, maybe good for trips or special picnics.  

Our kids love them!  It makes them feel like big stuff when they get their own bottle to drink from.  I put a straw in it for our 2-year-old, but watch for spills!  (At least it’s clear!)

Have you ever heard of or tried AquaBall drinks?   


If you’re looking for gift ideas, I have the perfect thing for you.

I came across LilMissMagic by accident, when I was browsing through Etsy, looking for inspiration for my son’s Donald Duck Halloween costume.  My search pulled up a polymer clay pendant of a child in a Donald Duck costume.  It was so cute and I fell in love with the selection of other characters too.  I marked her shop as a “Favorite” and knew I would come back to it soon. Continue Reading…

Frozen Fever

Disney’s Oh My Disney! Blog released the news that a Frozen short will premier before the upcoming live-action Cinderella film.  

The short, “Frozen Fever,” will show Elsa and Kristoff preparing a surprise birthday party for Anna.  Elsa must try to control her ice powers to keep from ruining the party.

Cinderella, as well as “Frozen Fever” will debut in theaters on March 13, 2015.

Pin Head's Cover Photo

While I was browsing on Pinterest one day, I came across a pin for something I’d never seen before.  They were Disney’s free buttons,* but they’d been transformed into a pirate, a bride and groom, an awareness ribbon, and even a turkey leg.  The link took me to the facebook page for Big Red’s Pin-Heads, where there were tons more pictures of these things called Pin-Heads.  I fell in love with them!  Regretting that I hadn’t discovered these a little bit sooner (before my last vacation), I sent Big Red a message to find out more about them.  She kindly got back to me and, today, we have a guest post from her about her awesome products and how we can get them.

Hi, I’m Big Red and I make Pin-Heads.

What are Pin-Heads? They’re handmade, custom characters to decorate Disney’s free Celebration buttons & they’re a ton of fun to wear. Continue Reading…

Disney Precious Moments

Disney Momma  —  November 12, 2014

This morning on my Disney Momma facebook page, I posted about some of the fun and adorable Disney products at Hot Topic.  With Disney products and the Christmas shopping season in mind, I thought I’d do this post on some of the Precious Moment’s Disney figurines.

Precious Moments Chapel

This August, my family and I went to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri.  I’d been there a couple of times with my family as a kid, but this was my first time in a long time and a first visit for both my husband and our children.  

Precious Moments Chapel art

Bible Stories told through Precious Moments paintings

Continue Reading…

The Elusive Tsum Tsums

Disney Momma  —  September 24, 2014

I just came back from a family vacation to Disney World last week. My sister and I have been excited for months to buy Tsum Tsum stuffed animals while we were at the Parks. She was even excited to see them displayed in the stores, since we knew they’d be adorable all stacked up together! (“Tsum Tsum” means “Stack Stack” in Japanese, by the way.) I expected them to be in nearly every gift shop, especially the large Emporium on Main Street USA.

Sadly, there were no Tsums to be found at Disney World. I asked a Cast Member at Big Top Souvenirs in New Fantasyland and she informed me that the only place on property that carries them is Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. We squeezed in a little bit of time to visit the shop and were sad to see this as their selection: Tsums

It was exciting to finally see Tsums in real life, but I was really hoping for a broad array of characters and–of course–the minis!!  I’ve heard them described as “Twinkie-sized.”  How cute is that?!  As if their faces weren’t cute enough!  As the picture shows, Once Upon a Toy carried medium and large versions of Mickey, Minnie, and Stitch.  No other characters.  No mini ones.   Continue Reading…

I have been meaning to get this post out all summer and, here I am, at the end of summer, finally doing it.  

Midwestern Disney Parks fans:  The St. Louis Zoo has Dole Whips!  They’re not as tall or as beautifully formed as the ones at the Parks, but they are the real deal.  

The St. Louis Zoo is one of the few remaining FREE zoos in America.  It was ranked #2 in USA Today’s Best US Zoos and was among the top 10 Best Zoos for Kids in Parents Magazine.  For those of you who will be going, the cafe that sells Dole Whips is right at the end of the Rivers Edge, where the hippos and elephants are.

Dole Whip STL Zoo

Continue Reading…

Black Milk has released a new Disney Princesses and Villains line of clothing.  Very similar in style to Hot Topic’s Disney clothes, it features clothes (leggings, dresses, skirts, bodysuits, etc.) that are inspired by Disney characters or movies.  If you’re in the mood for shopping, however, be forewarned that most of the clothes are either sold out or have a low quantity remaining…and they’re pretty tight-fitting.

I love the print on the Sleeping Beauty dress (pictured below), but I don’t think I’d let anyone see me in a dress that tight…and it’s $105.  However, shipping is free if you spend over $100!  😉  ha!  So, if you’re like me and you’re not buying, it’s still fun to look at the creative designs, or maybe you are in the market for a fun splurge and a daring addition to your wardrobe.  

You can find the collection here, at Black Milk’s site.  The more theatrical photos are available on their facebook, blog, and instagram pages.

7.30 Black Milk hallway

Image Credit: Black Milk on facebook

7.31 Black Milk Aurora

Image Credit: Black Milk on Instagram

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If you’re going to be heading to a Disney Theme Park with kids, you may want to think about downloading Disney’s free safety app: “Wild About Safety.”  

Wild About Safety

The “Safety Smart” app features Timon and Pumbaa on their vacation.  It teaches children (and adults) about the possible consequences of making unsafe choices at the Parks.  image

There are 17 safety tips, with a short video (or image) of Timon and Pumbaa demonstrating each one.  Using this app is not like getting a boring lesson about making safe choices; it’s cute and funny.  It tells kids, for example, to “keep an eye on your parents, so they don’t get lost.”  One tip shows Timon using a paint roller to cover Pumbaa with sunscreen so he can “have fun in the sun” and not “get overdone.”   Continue Reading…

Disney Tsum Tsum

Disney Momma  —  July 3, 2014

 A new Disney app is available, as well as adorable toys to match.  The game is similar to the popular Bejeweled.  You connect at least three matching characters and they pop out of the way, leaving the ones above it tumbling down and creating a new arrangement of Tsum Tsums.    Here is a screenshot from my iPad to give you an idea: 

Tsum Tsum start

You can create pretty big lines of characters.  It could easily be addicting, mostly because these little guys are so cute.  Continue Reading…