Wordless Wednesday: Festival of Fantasy Parade

Disney Momma  —  January 14, 2015

Today is Wordless Wednesday and I’m taking part, once again, in Focused on the Magic’s Blog Hop!  This week’s theme is Parades!  

I have to admit something kind of embarrassing as a Disney World fan:  I don’t love parades.  I want to really, really love them (and I do end up enjoying them) but I don’t get too excited about it.  As awesome as Disney World’s parades are, I’d rather be riding rides than holding a good spot for the parade, waiting for it to get to us, and then having to get out of the crowd when it’s over.  My attitude, however, has been changed.

On our trip to Disney World in September, my family and I saw the Festival of Fantasy Parade for the first time.  Wow.  I could have cried, watching that parade–the kind of tears you get when you watch Wishes or The Kiss Goodnight.  It was so beautiful.  The costumes!  The colors!  The characters!  The new-ness of it.  

This is a parade I could watch over and over.  Here are some glimpses from it. 

FoF Belle Beast

FoF Cinderella

Check out those lace-up boots!

Check out those lace-up boots!

Coral around The Little Mermaid float

Coral around The Little Mermaid float

Steam Punk Maleficent

Steam Punk Maleficent

Circus Tent Dresses!

Circus Tent Dresses!

Balloon dresses!

Balloon bows!

FoF Mickey

What is your favorite Disney Parade (current or retired)?
If you’ve seen the Festival of Fantasy parade, what did you think of it?

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10 responses to Wordless Wednesday: Festival of Fantasy Parade

  1. Great pics, I love the colors in this parade

  2. Great pics. Love FOF Parade!

  3. Isn’t it just spectacular? You’ve got some really great pictures!

  4. It is just stunning! I love everything about it. I think of it as more of a show than a parade. The costumes and floats are just magnificent. Great shots. Thanks for sharing and for joining in the WW Blog Hop fun.

    • Thank you, Deb, and thanks for hosting each week! You’re right–it really is more like a show. It’s so fun and beautiful!

  5. Can you please tell me where I can order a Disney tent dress like the one above?
    My daughter is in a pageant and we are looking for a creative wear and thought that would be good. We like it.