Wordless Wednesday: Water

Disney Momma  —  July 15, 2014

Disney World has plenty of water fountains and waterways around its parks.  I love watching and listening to the waterfalls, seeing the reflections of fireworks across the lakes, riding on boats and ferries, and swimming in resort pools,  

This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is water.  

Fountain of NationsFantasmic MickeyFantasmic FinaleFranceDumbo

I am always so impressed by the Fountain of Nations Water Show on the quarter-hour at Epcot.  What is your favorite water feature and/or water attraction at Disney World?

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6 responses to Wordless Wednesday: Water

  1. Great photos! Love the Fantasmic ones. I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite water feature, there are just SO many to choose from!! I can tell you water rides are not my favorites, so I stay far from them LOL!

    • Haha! I agree, I always want to avoid getting wet. You’d find me, nervously checking the floor around my seat, to see if it’s a place that gets wet or not. 😉
      It is definitely hard to pick a favorite feature. Disney has done a great job of creating lots of beautiful ones to choose from.

  2. I love the Fountain of Nations! I could have watched it for hours. I love how it went along with the music and lights up at night. It’s so big and impressive!

    I don’t know what my favorite water ride would be. I love any of the calm water rides when I’m hot!

    • You told me first about the Fountain of Nations and how much you loved it, so I always make sure I watch its water show. It is amazing! I love it too!
      I agree, I like the calm boat rides, like POTC and “it’s a small world” and Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico…not Splash Mountain as much.

  3. Great water shots!