Wordless Wednesday: A Different Perspective

Disney Momma  —  June 18, 2014

This week’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop theme is “A Different Perspective.”  Enjoy these views of Disney World!

Cinderella Castle from the Swiss Family Treehouse

Cinderella Castle

Tomorrowland from the Swiss Family Treehouse


Inside the Bucket o’ Soldiers in the Toy Story part of the All-Star Movies Resort

Bucket O' Soldiers, All-Star Movies 
Under the Tree of Life

under Tree of Life 
Mosaic Dinosaur outside of Chester & Hester’s in Animal Kingdom
(I’d read that there is a cast member’s pin for 1 year of service on one of the spikes.)

Mosaic dinosaur

Log Raft on the way to Tom Saywer Island 


Focused on the Magic

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Leave a comment!  Is there a certain perspective of a Disney attraction that you love to see when you’re there?





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12 responses to Wordless Wednesday: A Different Perspective

  1. LOVE the views from Swiss Family! 🙂

  2. Fantastic photos!! I really need to slow down and start taking more pictures from other perspectives.

    • Thank you! I’d like to do that more than I do too. That’s one of my goals for my next trip.

  3. Loving all the views – I also loving this weeks hop because I’m seeing so many pictures of the same things…but from so many different perspectives! Really inspired me to shoot WDW differently this summer!

    Mine is of Cinderella Castle this week – it’s by far my favourite of the thousands of photos I have from around the World! #DisneyWordlessWednesday

    • It was a really fun theme this week! I thought the same thing. I need to step up my picture-taking creativity for the fall!

  4. Love all your different perspectives!! The view from the Swiss Family Tree House is so beautiful the way it rises above the trees!

    • Thanks! It is so pretty from up there. I think that would be a neat place to watch fireworks!

  5. Great shots. I really like the ones from the Swiss Family Tree House. On our next trip, I will have to go up into the tree house to see the view.

    • Thank you, Karen! It’s a bit of a climb up there, but it definitely gives you a neat perspective of the park! I’ve wondered what Wishes would look like from up there.

  6. Such lovely photos! It’s so interesting to see Disney from different perspectives!