Changes Coming for FastPass+

Disney Momma  —  April 2, 2014

Epcot ticket gate

Like a lot of people, I’ve had concerns about Disney World implementing FastPass+.  I feared that it would make attractions too busy, or would make me feel like my day was too structured, if I used it.  There has even been talk of people being able to purchase additional FastPasses for each ticket.  What?! 

However, I was happy to hear today that Disney is listening to guests’ concerns and they are addressing some of the potential issues.  In addition to the three FastPass reservations that you can arrange prior to your visit, guests will soon be able to add additional FastPass entitlements on the day of their park visit.  Sounds like a better solution to me than selling them.

Read more details here from the Disney Parks Blog.

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3 responses to Changes Coming for FastPass+

  1. That’s the thing about this new system. It isn’t great, but it can be. Disney will continue to improve on it until they get it right. I, for one, am super excited because I can see tremendous potential with the technology. Imagine sitting at the Laugh Floor and Mike knows you are there just because your band is in the room. Or Scuttle at Little Mermaid addressing kids in line by name as they walk by. Some of it is creepy, but could be really cool if implemented well.

    • You’re right. We can trust (from everything they’ve always done) that the MyMagic+ system will be quality and Disney will make sure it works well for their guests. It definitely will bring some extra magic to the kids when a character knows their name or birthday! It will also be nice to limit your time waiting in lines, or saving a spot for a parade or nighttime show.

  2. Thank goodness!